In Memoriam

 Jasvir Khurana, MD (1959-2019)

Our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Dr. Jasvir Khurana, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, who passed away in a plane crash outside Philadelphia on Thursday, August 8, 2019. 

The physician-researcher trained at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and moved to the United States more than two decades ago. Dr. Khurana studied bone disease at Temple for 17 years and formerly served as the president of the Pennsylvania Association of Pathologists.  Khurana also served as an editorial board member of several publications and was also a founding member of the International Society of Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology.

In memory of the following individuals:

Jasvir Khurana, MD

Lionel Young, MD

Martin Abel, MD

Lauren Ackerman, MD

Claus Peter Adler, MD

Judith Elizabeth Adams, MD

Ernest Aegerter, MD

Marco Alberghini, MD

Colin Alexander, FRANZCR

Ian Fraser Anderson, MD

Lars Andren, MD

Lennart Angervall, MD

Walter Bessler, MD

Michael Bonfiglio, MD

William Buchanan, MD

W.P. Butt, MD

John Caffey, MD

Mario Campanacci, MD

Crawford J. Campbell, MD

William P. Cockshott, MD

David Dahlin, MD

Alan Darby, MD

Albert Dwan, MD

Jack Edeiken, MD

Paul Edholm, MD

T. J. Fairbank, FRCS

Michael Fallon, MD

Corinne Farrell, MD

Clement Faure, MD

Deborah Forrester, MD

Robert H. Freiberger, MD

Louis A. Gilula, MD

Robert Gorlin, MD

John Gwinn, MD

Philip Hodes, MD

John F. Holt, MD

Andrew Huvos, MD

John Ivins, MD

Philip Jacobs FRCR

Vladimir M. Jevtič, MD

Harold Jacobson, MD

Lent Johnson, MD

Henry Jones, MD

Herbert Kaufmann, MD

Jeremy J. Kaye, MD

Theodore E. Keats, MD

Ray Kilcoyne, MD

John Kirkpatrick Jr., MD

W. James Knickerbocker, MD, FRCPC

Rene Lagier, MD

Patrick T. Liu, MD

Gwilym S. Lodwick, MD

Ralph Marcove, MD

William Martel, MD

Kendall Mayo, FRACR

Mamed Mesgarzadeh, MD

William Meszaros, MD

Sir J. Howard Middlemiss, MD

Jacob Mulder, MD

Ronald O. Murray, MD

James Neff, MD

Alex Norman, MD

Olof Norman, MD

Yoshiri Ogihara, MD

Saturo Ohba, MD

Donald John Ortner, PhD, DSc

William M. Park, FRCR

Terry Patton, FRCR

Holger Petterson, MD

Hanno Poppe, MD

Charles H.F. Price, MD

Walter G. Putschar, MD

Wolfgang Remagen, MD

Eduardo Hector Santini-Araujo, MD

David Sartoris, MD

Fritz Schajowicz, MD

Charles Schwinn, MD

Frederic Silverman, MD

Hubert Sissons, MD

Julius Smith, MD

J. Leland Sosman, MD

Howard Steinbach, MD

Dennis James Stoker, MD

Elias Theros, MD

Theodore Van Rijssel, MD

Pekka Virtama, MD

J.R. Von Ronnen, MD

Yunzhao Wang, MD

Charles Warwick, MD

Aaron Weinstein, MD

John Windsor Weston, FRACR

Robert Wilkinson, MD

George T. Wohl, MD